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Welcome to the English Conversation Course at Iiris!

The aims of the course are to improve
- conversation skills (speaking and listening)
- vocabulary and idioms
- grammar (as needed)
- fluency and accuracy in speech
- pronunciation
- confidence

Conversation topics include, for example, careers and work, education, leisure time and hobbies, travelling, cultures and cultural differences, modern technologies, the environment and social issues, literature and other arts, food and restaurants.

This course also gives participants the opportunity to practice using English for social or professional situations, i.e., small talk, introducing yourself and others, expressing opinions, making dates and appointments, making requests and offers, business communication, etc.

The course content will also depend on the participants' needs, interests and abilities. The main goal of the course is to encourage the participants to communicate in English in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Class activities will include:
Role Play
Listening exercises (news, speeches, stories, songs)

The course begins on September 12th and thereafter we will be meeting regularly on Tuesdays at 16.45 - 18.15 (90 minutes). The last class will be held on December 5th.

The location is the office of HUN, on the sixth floor of Iiris.
The cost for the autumn term is 48 euros.

Please register by September 11th, at the latest.
You can do so via email:
or by telephone
09 3960 5601 (service for members, Mon-Wed 10-12).

Organized by HUN/ Jäsen and Opintokeskus Sivis

PL 30, 00030 IIRIS
Gsm: 050 300 2501 | email: info[]tukikeskushilma.fi

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